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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Let’s talk about WW84


If you’ve been following the online discussions surrounding Wonder Woman 1984, you’d know that this movie is very divisive. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people have mixed feelings. I’m in that latter category. So let’s break down why.

After a really good first solo outing for the iconic DC superhero in 2017’s Wonder Woman, I had high expectations for 2020’s sequel. In fact, I was ready to declare my love for this movie even before the WB logo appeared on my screen.

That would have been a huge mistake.

Following two really fun opening sequences (one on Themyscira and the other in an 80’s shopping mall in Washington DC), the movie takes a sharp turn and never properly recovers its initial energy. A lot of time is spent introducing characters and setting up storylines and big conflicts. The result is that very little happens for a very long time…until a lot happens very quickly.

There are far too many plot holes and tonal inconsistencies for a movie that sat on a shelf for a year. Everyone and their mother has criticisms of this movie and I agree with most of them. Why did Steve come back the way he did? Is there a rule book for the Dreamstone? What the hell is Maxwell’s end game? Are all the men in this world violent sex offenders?

And yet…this movie kept me in my seat, wanting to know what comes next. And not in a begrudging ‘I’m paying for this so I’m going to sit here and watch the entire thing even if it kills me’ way. I found myself genuinely interested in the fates of the main characters.

Is Steve actually sticking around this time? How are they going to justify that? What about Barbara? Are they going to do justice to Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis? How far can Maxwell go with these wishes exactly? And what about Diana herself? Which comic book version of Wonder Woman is she this time? Fierce Amazonian warrior? Cheesy patriotic superhero? Wise mentor to aspiring young heroes? I needed to know.

It’s those questions that kept me truly invested in WW84 from start to finish. And that counts for something.

I don’t blame anyone for disliking this movie because there’s a lot to dislike. And I don’t blame anyone for liking this movie because there’s a lot to like. But in my humble opinion, this movie is somewhere in the middle. It had bad writing but good cinematography; bad character arcs but good acting; bad editing but a good score.

If you’re like me, you found WW84 to be a mixed bag that left you with conflicting feelings. It was both messy and genuinely entertaining. So the next time you stumble upon some raging debate online about whether this movie was amazing or awful, take a second, retreat to some neutral territory, and savor the bliss of indifference.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (Warner Bros. Pictures) 2020


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