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Future State

DC Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex (2021)

Lex Luthor has his own planet!

For some reason, Superman vs. Imperious Lex was released a full month after the previous seven Future State issues. It was a decent enough comic, but it wasn’t exceptional and it definitely wasn’t worth the wait. Regardless, this comic marks the last of the 52 Future State issues released between January and March 2021. You can find my reviews of all the Future State comics here. Also, I’ve already given a breakdown of the entire comic event here.

Final thoughts on DC Future State

A good intro to comic events

I started Future State with a post about how this was my first time with a comic event. The post outlined a schedule of all the comics and their release dates. I stressed that I was a relative newcomer to the world of comics and that some long-time comic readers don’t even consider Future State an event at all.

DC Future State: Dark Detective (2021)

A Bruce Wayne story!

Bruce Wayne broke and on the run. What a great concept! I really like seeing Batman alone and resourceful. His detective skills shine when he’s limited on gadgets and low on cash. Future State: Dark Detective does a great job of raising the stakes for Bruce and keeping readers engaged.

DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes (2021)

Just awful

This comic is just awful. I had a hard time finishing even the first issue. The story was painful to keep up with and the artwork didn’t help things at all. I’m not sure how this comic made it into Future State but it shouldn’t have. Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes was an absolute disaster – start to finish.

DC Future State: Suicide Squad (2021)

That was…a lot

This two-story comic has a lot going on. The first story features the Suicide Squad, the Justice Squad and the Crime Syndicate. The second story features Black Adam, the Unkindness, the Justice Legion A, the Seven Deadly Sins and the Quintessence. And I didn’t even name all the separate individual characters who show up Future State: Suicide Squad. It’s a lot.

DC Future State: Batman/Superman (2021)

A good team-up comic

In one of my previous Future State reviews I discussed how poorly team-up comics can go. I find that they can end up watering down characters for the sake of the narrative. They can also feel contrived and uncomfortable. But I’m glad to say Future State: Batman/Superman is an example of how a team-up can go really well.

DC Future State: Aquaman (2021)

A really great comic

Sometimes a story suits the comic book format perfectly. Future State: Aquaman is definitely one of those stories. The art is amazing and the idea of a great ocean that connects all time and space is pretty damn cool. I thoroughly enjoyed this comic.

Future State: Superman: House of El (2021)

Is there a reading order?

If you’ve read any other comic review on this blog, you’d know that I’m fairly new to this. Comic books have always interested me in theory. In practice however, I’ve often found them deeply unsatisfying. That’s definitely changing the more I read. Unfortunately, Future State: Superman: House of El is a perfect example of an unsatisfying comic. Maybe there’s a reading order I missed somewhere. Maybe the Superman symbol was supposed to get me through this read. Or maybe this was just a bad comic.

DC Future State: The Next Batman (2021)

Good Gotham-centric comic

Future State: The Next Batman provides answers to some lingering questions in this comic event to-date. We find out what the Magistrate is; where the masked heroes and villains are; and who this new Batman is. The comic is an anthology of stories that actually works in Future State. Each story revolves around the same threat and, for the most part, serves a purpose to the overall Gotham City plot.

DC Future State: Superman: Worlds of War (2021)

More commentary than comic book

In my review of All-Star Superman I mentioned that Superman is difficult to present in comics. He often comes across as a goody two-shoes. So it takes a little more effort to make him interesting than it would with other characters. Future State: Superman Worlds of War uses commentary to tell a story about the character. Unfortunately, the end result feels more like an op-ed than a comic.