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DC’s Infinite Frontier #0 (2021)

Looks interesting


Warning: Spoilers Ahead

It’s difficult to review what is essentially the comic book version of a movie trailer. Still, DC’s Infinite Frontier #0 offers a really good taste of what’s to come in the six-issue miniseries in June 2021. It’s a different kind of review for me so this one might look a little weird.

The entire 64-page one-shot anthology gives a brief glimpse of some heroes through the eyes of Diana Prince’s Wonder Woman post-Dark Knights: Death Metal. She has been offered a role with The Quintessence as a chronicler of the new order. Unsure of the role, Diana takes a tour of the new multiverse with The Spectre.

Initial thoughts

My entire reason for reading Infinite Frontier #0 was to find another mini-series I could follow. Future State was my first comic event and I had mixed feelings about the actual content. Still, I enjoyed the overall experience fully. Infinite Frontier looks to have a similar vibe and that has me excited and nervous. There’s a lot of potential here but it might also feel repetitive.

What I liked

  • The Gotham storyline seems to take place prior to the events of Future State. There’s been a Joker toxin attack at Arkham Assylum and Batman has to rescue the few survivors. We meet Mayor Nakano and find out that Simon Saint is behind the Magistrate.
  • ‘Shazadam’ shows up in the Justice League story. The name has been endlessly ridiculed online and it’s been very entertaining for me to watch. I’m actually curious to see where this story goes. Black Adam as a possible new member of the Justice League is intriguing to me.
  • Roy Harper is back from the dead and almost reaches out to Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. I only know these characters from the CW Arrowverse so it’ll be fun to read about them from DC Comics directly.
  • Stargirl has to battle King Midas who turns everything he touches to gold. It sounds like a childish but fun story to follow.
  • Barry Allen passes the Flash mantle to Wally West. After the Future State backlash, Wally needs this redemption arc.
  • The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, comes out as gay to his kids, Jade and Obsidian. As long as it’s not preachy and heavy-handed, this story could be interesting.
  • We see Yara Flor leaving Idaho for Brazil before she ever becomes Wonder Woman. It’s a Wonder Girl story and it seems to tie-in to Hippolyta as Wonder Woman. Also, Yara is American?!

What I didn’t like

  • The Batgirls from Future State are back. I didn’t much care for that story so I’m not too excited for this one either. But Barbara Gordon as Oracle again could be interesting.
  • Hippolyta has taken up the mantle of Wonder Woman and passed her crown to Nubia to be the new Queen of the Amazons. I guess it’s a nice twist to have Diana’s mother take up the role of Wonder Woman. We’ll see how this goes.
  • Grifter had a run-in with Luke Fox in Future State and now he’s having one with Lucius and Tim/Jace in Infinite Frontier. It was an unnecessary story in Future State and it looks like another one here.
  • We get a brief glimpse of the Teen Titans Academy before the events of Future State. I should be interested in this story since it would fill in a lot of gaps for me from Future State. But it honestly doesn’t look too interesting.
  • John Stewart and Simon Baz take Teen Lantern to the Oa – home of the Green Lantern Corps. I’m not a big space superhero guy but I like that Teen Lantern is a main perspective. She could be my eyes and ears as a novice to the Green Lantern world.
  • Jonathan Kent is being built-up to be a tyrant in the making. I’m really not liking this storyline for him as this new version of Superman.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot being offered in Infinite Frontier. Some of it I’m definitely more interested in than others. Still, I’ll be happy to check the full six-issue miniseries in June.

In the meantime, there are several other comics that are part of Infinite Frontier in the lead-up to the miniseries. Trevor Van As provides a really good breakdown here.

Source: Infinite Frontier (DC Comics), (2021)


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