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DC Future State: Wonder Woman (2021)

Sassy new Wonder Woman


I have so many questions about Yara Flor – the new Wonder Woman introduced in Future State. With a brand new character like this, a bio page might have been a useful addition to the comic. Tell us who she is, where she’s from, who her parents are, and what her powers are. After that, you can tell her story without trying to find clever ways of dropping vital pieces of information. Two short issues is not enough to introduce her.

When we meet Yara, she’s trying to kill a giant hydra. Her intention is to obtain its horn and go to the underworld. There, she’ll force Hades to return her fallen warrior sister, Potira, back to the Amazon.

Initial thoughts

I generally really like Yara Flor. She’s sassy and unpredictable – unlike the version of Wonder Woman I’m accustomed to. It seems like her hot-headedness causes as many problems as it solves. I like that. It makes for an interesting character who isn’t always doing the right thing. She’s also somehow connected to the Guarani God, Tupa, the way Diana Prince is to Zeus. It’s also implied that Yara isn’t some ‘chosen one’, but more of an accident of convenience.

What I liked

There’s a lot I liked about Future State: Wonder Woman. The art was pretty good and probably a smart choice for Yara’s debut. The more realistic look is a nice foundation and let’s future artists get really creative. The coloring suits the characters but honestly, I can’t wait to see more vibrant versions in the future. The forest protector Caipora was beautifully drawn and this gives us a nice taste of the characters this world has to offer.

Yara’s design is also pretty awesome. Her costume is grey and red, with partial gold armor. She carries both a sword and a traditional South American weapon known as a boleadoras. And she rides a winged horse named Jerry. Pretty good stuff.

What I didn’t like

As I mentioned before, two issues is not enough to introduce this character. The settings changed far too many times – Amazon to transit hub to open field to underworld to Amazon. Just too many places for such a short story. There were also a lot of wasted panels that could have been better utilized. I mean…five pages of panels on a queue is simply ridiculous.

Final thoughts

Writer and artist, Joelle Jones, tries to convey way too much in just two issues. The story felt rushed and I didn’t really feel too attached to any of the characters (including Yara). But I am interested to find out more. What does the Amazon’s version of Themyscira look like? Who is Yara’s arch nemesis? What else can she do with her boleadoras? What were the logistics of the rescue mission toward the end of the story?

Having lots of questions can be a good thing sometimes.

This comic was meant to get readers interested in a new character. I’m not a huge fan of the story itself but my interest in Yara is definitely there. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more Yara Flor in the future.

Source: Future State: Wonder Woman 1-2 (Complete) (Joelle Jones) (DC Comics) (2021)


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