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DC Future State: Robin Eternal (2021)

Action-packed adventure


Tim Drake was the one Robin I was never interested in. Dick was the original Robin and Nightwing. Jason died and became the Red Hood. Damian was Bruce Wayne’s son and heir. And then there was Tim…the other Robin. I know, I know, he did have the most badass suit as Red Robin. But Tim as a character never really stuck the way the others did.

That said, Tim Drake as the lead in Future State: Robin Eternal really works. It’s almost metacommentary by casting him in this comic. The creators are basically saying that the rest of the Bat-family is in trouble (see the synopsis below) and Tim is the last hope. We, the readers, have to root for Tim or everyone else is screwed. It’s a pretty sly premise and I’ll admit it: I kind of admire DC’s blatant hustle in selling the character.

When we first meet Tim, he is about to stop a shipment of Lazarus Resin from entering Gotham. The Magistrate intends on using the substance to make his machine army of Cybers unstoppable. Bruce is gone, Dick is locked up in Arkham Asylum, Jason has betrayed the Bat-family, and even Damian appears to be in trouble…or worse. With the help of Spoiler and Darcy, Tim must stop the Magistrate’s plan and save Gotham City.

Initial thoughts

Jumping in to the first issue, I found myself fully engaged in the story. The plot is action-packed and doesn’t slow down for very long. The very first page has Tim using his cloaking tech to stakeout the Lazarus Resin shipment when a Cyber discovers him and attacks. It’s a great start to a comic and the action on page 1 stays relevant until the very last panel of Issue 2.

What I liked

Future State: Robin Eternal never tries to be something it’s not. The comic is a fast-paced adventure with a layer of deep introspection (especially in Issue 2). It zooms in on a small part of a much larger problem facing Gotham City and never loses focus. And this seems to be the key to the short comics of Future State (20 of the 24 Future State comics have only 2 issues). Harley Quinn, The Flash and now Robin Eternal each successfully concentrated on a single idea and never looked away.

I also really enjoyed the way the story progressed without loud distractions from any single artist. Instead, all the creative parts came together cohesively to tell a story that’s both deep and entertaining.

What I didn’t like

There’s a portion of Issue 2 where Tim hears the voice of Bruce and I was pretty confused. I got the gist of what was happening, but the logistics threw me off. Some clearer context would have been useful.

Final thoughts

Robin Eternal is my favorite Future State comic to-date. It’s clear and concise and never tries to be bigger than it is. What’s more is that it’s the first comic I’ve read that really ties into a larger plot in this comic event. Future State: Harley Quinn uses the Magistrate’s takeover of Gotham as a plot device but her arc doesn’t move that larger story further. Robin’s story feels both insular and fully connected to the bigger events in Gotham.

Source: Future State: Robin Eternal 1-2 (Completed) (Fitzmartin, Barrows, Ferreira, Lucas, Brosseau) (DC Comics) (2021)


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