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DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes (2021)

Just awful


This comic is just awful. I had a hard time finishing even the first issue. The story was painful to keep up with and the artwork didn’t help things at all. I’m not sure how this comic made it into Future State but it shouldn’t have. Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes was an absolute disaster – beginning to end.

In the comic, the Legion of Super-Heroes has broken up and the United Planets have fractured. When one of their own has turned on the galaxy, they must reunite.

Initial thoughts

Halfway through the first issue, I decided to look this comic up. I was nervous to say anything bad in case it turned out to have been done by some amateurs. I figured maybe DC held a competition or something to give some up-and-comers their big breaks. Needless to say, I was shocked to learn that that wasn’t the case. Even as someone relatively new to comics, I knew about the famous writer Brian Michael Bendis.

What I liked

This was my introduction to Triplicate Girl. I found her to be far more interesting than the other characters. Usually, when a character can copy themselves, only the original body matters. The replicates are just distractions. But here, Triplicate Girl separates into three distinct personalities. This was a nice spin on the comic book trope.

The twist at the end of Issue 2 was also a nice addition to the comic. I won’t spoil anything but the whole story leads to a big reveal which actually helps rescue the narrative. It isn’t good enough to save this comic as a whole, but it was nice to have.

What I didn’t like

The writing from Bendis seems almost amateur. The wordy dialogue and heavy exposition made reading this comic an absolute chore. Issue 1 was especially painful to read. I felt like I spent my entire time reading a list of all the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

The art by Riley Rossmo is not very strong either. Characters are drawn inconsistently and facial expressions are too heavy-handed. Also, the paneling is incredibly sloppy and makes reading very difficult.

Final thoughts

Move over Superman: House of El. Legion of Super-Heroes is officially my new least favorite comic from Future State. It was awful and I would highly recommend readers to stay away from this comic.

Source: Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes 1-2 (Completed) (Bendis, Rossmo) (DC Comics) (2021)


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