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Final thoughts on DC Future State

A good intro to comic events

I started Future State with a post about how this was my first time with a comic event. The post outlined a schedule of all the comics and their release dates. I stressed that I was a relative newcomer to the world of comics and that some long-time comic readers don’t even consider Future State an event at all.

There’s still one comic issue that’s yet to be released as part of Future State. For some reason, Issue 3 of Superman vs. Imperious Lex will drop a month later than all the other 51 issues. This is pretty annoying. But I’m going to review Future State now anyway. If my feelings radically change after that last release, I’ll post an update.

Initial thoughts

I remember being really excited to read about the new Brazilian Wonder Woman. There was a lot of hype from DC about Yara Flor. Future State: Wonder Woman was probably the single biggest draw for me to the event. And if I’m being entirely honest, I was actually pretty disappointed in what I read.

In fact, I found most of the Future State comics disappointing. Without realizing it, I found myself reviewing each release in relation to the others as a way of offsetting all my bad reviews. I made sure to make note of this in my Future State: Catwoman review. Ultimately, I think it’s inevitable that comics will be compared and contrasted to each other when in the same comic event. Still, I have to wonder if I didn’t inadvertently apply the bell curve to the Future State comics.

What I liked

The Gotham City Magistrate storyline was, by far, the best part of Future State. It was an interconnected story that affected all the characters in the Batman universe. In fact, the Magistrate plot felt more like a comic event than the overarching Future State ever did. As Trevor Van As wrote in his post, Future State was more of a thematic publishing initiative than an event. He was 100% right about that.

What I didn’t like

Two months isn’t long enough for an event. Most of the stories in Future State felt shortchanged in terms of plot and character development because of time constraints. The few stories that felt complete were practically standalone releases that had little to no interaction with the other comics.

In addition to the ‘time’ problem, the ‘future’ in ‘Future State’ was also really vague. The Gotham storyline seems to be just a few years ahead of DC’s current main timeline. Some of the other Future State comics are set a generation apart from current DC events. And other storylines were set in the distant future or even at the end of time and space itself. It just seems like DC was playing word games when they created this event.

Final thoughts

I found Future State to be a good intro to comic events. It was short and didn’t require a lot of commitment since stories weren’t always connected. And while this probably made the event seem like a waste for long-time readers, it was actually really great for a newcomer like me. It gave me just enough of a taste that I want follow-ups. And I can now say I read an entire comic event from beginning to end…even if it wasn’t a real comic event.

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