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DC Future State: Catwoman (2021)

A decent read


I haven’t always been a Catwoman fan. Her open romance with Bruce and her heroic deeds in more recent years have watered her down in my opinion. She was always more interesting to me as an antagonist. Future State: Catwoman definitely leans in to those aspects of the character I’m not a fan of. But the comic smartly takes place within a two hour timeframe, which builds tension and distracts from the more soap opera elements.

A train carrying captured criminals in the front and children in the back is headed for a reeducation facility. Catwoman and her band of Strays have a plan to stop it…they’ll steal the train. With her team on the outside and some surprise familiar faces on the inside, Catwoman will have to adapt her plan to succeed.

Initial thoughts

Heist stories work really well for short mini-series like Future State: Catwoman. As with almost all the completed Future State comics to-date, Catwoman would have benefitted from more issues. But in this case, including a 70-minute countdown adds urgency to the plot and justifies telling the story in only 2 issues.

At this point, I find myself reviewing each completed comic in comparison to the other releases within the Future State event itself.

What I liked

Catwoman/Selina has her own Cat-family now! I don’t know how long that has been a thing for this character in the comics, but I’m glad it is. Catwoman and her Strays from Alleytown. I love it! This is my introduction to her sidekicks and I see a lot of potential in them. I can see Leo, Cheshire Cat and Skidmark (not loving that name) all growing into their own.

There are a few cameos from other familiar DC characters on the train that I found added some weight to the story. It also provided additional perspectives in a very tight and narrow plot.

The art by Otto Schmidt was really strong in this comic as well. The coloring was especially notable. The blue exterior scenes and red interior scenes went a long way in visually separating the limited number of settings.

What I didn’t like

There’s a scene at the start of the comic that doesn’t quite gel with the rest of the plot. It initially appears as if Selina, Cheshire and Leo are with the other passengers about to board the train. But a few panels later, they are executing their heist from a safe distance away. This is a pretty glaring inconsistency…especially for such a short series.

Final thoughts

I enjoyed Future State: Catwoman. It’s a fun standalone ride that also ties in to the larger Gotham storyline. If you’re looking for a quick, fun adventure comic with some great artwork, this one’s for you!

Source: Future State: Catwoman 1-2 (Completed) (Ram V., Schmidt) (DC Comics) (2021)


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