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DC Future State: Wonder Woman (2021)

Sassy new Wonder Woman

I have so many questions about Yara Flor – the new Wonder Woman introduced in Future State. With a brand new character like this, a bio page might have been a useful addition to the comic. Tell us who she is, where she’s from, who her parents are, and what her powers are. After that, you can tell her story without trying to find clever ways of dropping vital pieces of information. Two short issues is not enough to introduce her.

DC Future State Reviews

First time with a comic book event

This post gives a release schedule (complete with a visual aid) of the Future State comics and what you can expect to see on this blog’s Comics page in the coming weeks.

Hawkeye: Freefall (2020)

Had no idea about Hawkeye

I’m relatively new to the comic book world. Most of my reading has been limited to DC because I find that they have a fair amount of self-contained stories that are easy for newbies to get into. So when I saw a 6-issue 2020 Hawkeye comic, I decided it was a good opportunity to read something current from Marvel without getting too invested. I’m glad I made that decision because Hawkeye: Freefall was well worth the read.

Batman: Three Jokers (2020)

Big potential, little impact

I have to admit that Batman: Three Jokers did not stay with me the way I hoped it would. It was a decent enough story with really good art, but by the end of the third issue I felt like the comic might have taken away from the Batman legacy more than it added to it. DC was always going to have a hit on their hands with this project including famous/infamous names like Batman, Joker, Batgirl, Red Hood and writer, Geoff Johns. Too bad there wasn’t more of a lasting impact to go along with the big names.

All-Star Superman (TPB) (2018)

Superman meets mortality

If you’re like me, you probably find keeping up with continuity in DC and Marvel comics difficult. You feel like you’re constantly asked to refer to other comics in order to understand seemingly random events. Story arcs also feel abrupt or sometimes abandoned completely which means you’ve invested yourself in arcs…

Pulp (Graphic Novel) (2020)

A big story in a small package

I wasn’t sure what to think when I decided to read Pulp. The cover seemed like I was in for a good old fashioned Western. Except…I’m not a big fan of westerns. They make me feel like I need a shower after all the dust and dry heat and tumbleweeds. Still, Pulp made a few ‘best of’ lists for 2020 so I decided to give the graphic novel a shot.