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Month: May 2021

Army of the Dead (2021)

A fun adventure with zombies!

After a top secret military transport gets into an accident, the cargo (a contained zombie) infects the transport crew. The newly infected zombies then make their way to Las Vegas and infect the entire city. Upon failing to contain the zombie outbreak, the government walls Las Vegas and plans to drop a nuclear bomb on the city. A casino owner hires a team to infiltrate his vault and extract his money before the bomb drops. The team learns that the zombies aren’t mindless drones but an organized unit. Army of the Dead can be described as an zombie heist movie.

Those Who wish me dead (2021)

An Engaging Western Action Thriller

After Conner witnesses the murder of his father, he escapes to the wilderness of Montana to avoid being killed. Carrying his father’s secrets, the boy must find someone he can trust to help him get to the media. Hannah, a smokejumper, finds Conner and gains his trust. Suffering with her own recent tragedies, she has guide Conner safely through a forest fire and away from the killers. Those Who Wish Me Dead can best described as a modern Western action thriller.

Write it in Blood (2021)

A soap opera about hitmen

Brothers Cosmo and Arthur Pryce are on the eve of their retirement as hitmen. Their final job get complicated when news of Arthur’s tryst with the boss’ wife gets out. Cosmo’s retirement plans are put in jeopardy when family loyalty comes into play. Write it in Blood is a character-driven crime drama.

Invincible – Season 1 (2021)

Small start and big finish

Mark Grayson is the only child to Nolan and Debbie Grayson. The three appear to live the typical suburban lifestyle but they share a very big secret: Nolan is actually the world’s most powerful superhero, Omni-Man. Just after his seventeenth birthday, Mark discovers he has inherited his father’s powers. Mark learns of his Viltrumite heritage and trains with his father to become a superhero known as…Invincible.

Shadow and Bone (2021)

A solid addition to fantasy television

Shadow and Bone is a unexpectedly good series on Netflix. The story is set in the fictional land of Ravka which is divided by a permanent wall of darkness known as the Shadow Fold. An orphan mapmaker named Alina Starkov is discovered to be the fabled Sun Summoner and is forced to join the Grisha army. Her magical skills are needed to destroy the Shadow Fold and all that live within it. However, Alina’s new power comes with unexpected reactions. Some worship her, some want her dead, and others want her captured and used. Shadow and Bone follows different factions after Alina is discovered to be the Sun Summoner.